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2022 #tide ocean SA

01 This is #tide

Committed to a more sustainable future

#tide ocean SA is a Swiss company based in Basel that has made it its mission to change how we see waste, especially plastic waste. They dedicated themselves to cleaning up Southeast Asia's beaches from plastic to recycling and producing other materials from it. Together with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences IWK (Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung), they found an award-winning way of processing the collected plastics into granulates, yarn, and filament with 79% less greenhouse emission compared to producing virgin plastic. In the last step, they are further processed into various products such as clothes, reusable cups, or jewelry. This whole procedure ensures that the circle of plastic production is closed. Therefore, a circular economy and reduction of the usage of non-renewable fossil resources can be guaranteed.

02 Challenges

The need for a more dynamic web presence

As they are continually growing their business, so should their website, but due to its nature-based one-pager concept, it was static and limited in its functions. Videos, bigger pictures, or graphics could not be embedded into the website, which restricted their storytelling and activities. In addition, their topics hold more complexity than one might assume, and therefore new display options are needed to inform and guide customers through the web cleverly and appealingly.

Further, did the structure of their old website not permit a fast and efficient way of updating their data – visitors had to switch to #tide's other social media channels to get their latest news. This slowed their content manager's ability to convey #tide's story. Therefore, the new website intends to create new opportunities for content design and increasingly serve as an interactive tool to attract new customers and partners.

03 The WONDROUS Approach

Creating a more sustainable platform

In the initial phase – better known as discovery – an analysis of the requirements for the website was made. We had to understand our client's needs better, including their benchmarks, content inventory, website structure, and stakeholders.

Next was the ideation phase. Here the concept for the website was established with a sitemap and wireframes. Thanks to the thorough analysis from the previous stage, it was possible to further precise the information architecture and navigation of the new platform. With all the data gathered, we could create the implementation plan and outline the first design components.

The implementation was initiated with the setup of the basic configuration, the front- and backend coding, and support of the content management. Storyblok was chosen for the CMS due to its intuitive use for content managers, adaptability, and maintenance requirements.

04 Final Result

Aloha to clarity and simplicity, goodbye one-pager 🤙

The finished website is nothing like the previous one: The one-pager is gone, and everything is now divided into primary and subpages. Furthermore, is there now a news section with a convenient filter function and a newly created sales inquiry form, which will help them process every request much more efficiently. It is also an excellent tool for potential customers to reach out for #tide without much effort.

While Storyblok is very easy and intuitive, we have embedded versatile features that are simple in their usage but powerful in their appearance. Even though there are only twelve components, they can be combined in countless combinations with their flexible application. This allows #tide to playfully display its products while customizing every page to its liking.

This proves once again that the saying "less is more" still has its validity.

See the final results of our hard work in its full glory here:

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