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Passionate digital creatives meet industry experts.

#dxmeetup provides an empowering platform to anyone interested in design; whether you are just starting out or are already a seasoned professional, we will try to make this meet up special for you.

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Made for Digital Creatives

The Digital Experience Meetup provides an opportunity to meet other passionate digital players, share knowledge, socialize and enjoy interesting talks from the coolest folks in the digital industry that you can meet.

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Wondrous speakers

  • Agile Planning, Made Simple

    Philip & Hans, Co-Founders at Scrumpy

  • Going crazy with Typography

    Stefan Hürlemann, Graphic Designer and Typographer

  • How to make your Chatbot come alive: a show case

    Tassilo Gröper, Frontend Developer at WONDROUS LTD

  • The Dark & Light Side
    of Building a Design System for Products

    Frederick, Robert & Janosch, Design Office at Haufe Group

  • Dirty Little Tricks From The Dark Corners of eCommerce

    Vitaly Friedman, Co-founder of Smashing Magazine

  • How to Win the Best of Swiss Web Master

    David Blum, Product Designer at Eventfrog

  • Designer vs Product Manager

    Francisco Piuzzi, Digital Consultant at Web & Graph

  • Test early? Test often? Make a (UX testing) party out of it

    Martin Kaiser & Laurent Tauber

  • Living Design Systems for Teams

    Anton Staroverov
    Design System Architect at WONDROUS LTD

  • User Research: How to do it and why it will save you time and money

    Thomas Boie Rasmussen
    Design Researcher

  • Design of the Swiss Pavilion at the next World Expo Dubai 2020

    Iwan Funk
    Scenographer & Managing Partner at Bellprat

  • Drones and their possibilities in the digital world

    Tizian Hösch
    Software Developer, Cadwork

  • Expectations of a designer in the fashion design industry

    Simone Lagomarsino
    Graphic Designer, Tally Weijl

  • How to build products that don’t suck

    Tomislav Car
    CEO & Co-founder, Infinum

  • Communication with Character — How to Use Character Animation to Convey Information

    Joel Mayer
    New Media Manager, Mibelle Group

  • Modularity in Web Design

    Simon Kratz
    Lead Interaction Designer, WONDROUS LTD

  • Digital Storytelling in Business — a Brief Overview

    Michael Simonett
    Web & Digital Media Manager, ETH Library

  • Design in Business — How to be Perceived as a Human Not as a Wizard

    Eli Novakovic
    Creative Project Manager, WONDROUS LTD

  • CSS Animation with Fragments

    Samuel Snopko
    Frontend Developer, WONDROUS LTD

  • 10 ultimate Tips for Sketch

    Miša Kaspar
    Head of Creation, WONDROUS LTD

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