Wie Wir Arbeiten

Strukturiert und mit viel leidenschaft.

In order to work efficiently on our projects, we work in small teams and in close collaboration with our clients.

Our Approach

Our process follows a lean framework and clear principles:

How process
  • User-Centric

    We solve problems by placing the user in the center – not opinions or feelings.

  • Agile & Iterative

    We work within small and interdisciplinary teams to keep our process lean and flexible. Our clients profit from adaptive planning, evolutionary development and continuous progress.

  • Kanban

    Working with Kanban means to visualize work for everyone. The procedure is prospective and therefore increases productivity while reducing stress.

  • Scrum

    Because in the development process of larger and more complex projects flexibility, transparency and short iterations are so important, we work with Scrum - another proven agile process model.

  • Release Thinking

    We proceed step by step with managable work packages, and when launching a product, we already plan the next incremental releases. We never lose sight of the long-term goal.

  • Client As A Partner

    We see ourselves more as partners than suppliers of our customers and we value their point of view.

Our principles

Our Way To A Viable Product

  • 01

    Content first

    Make the user focus on content, don’t distract him.

  • 02

    Form follows function

    Design to stage the content, not to distract from it.

  • 03

    Scope sets priorities

    Categorize as follows: 1. Essential needs, 2. Should-have features, 3. Nice-to-have features.

  • 04

    Make a plan

    ...and work through it.

  • 05

    High performance

    Never let the user wait.

  • 06

    Mobile First

    If it works on a small screen, it will work on a big one also.