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Creation of an elegant online presence

2020 Arcondis

01 Intro

Less is more – Focus on high-quality design and content

For the overall redesign of the ARCONDIS corporate website, we focused on high-quality content and how it is presented. Our goal was to create an online presence that is much lighter and more high-end. As the previous website had a deep site structure with many subsites, content, and several elements, we commenced with a WONDROUS exploration phase to identify and understand the stakeholders and their needs and pain points, the key requirements, followed by the design phase, and finally the implementation of the new solution:

  • Analyze the business requirements

  • Create Personas and user journeys

  • Preparation, hosting, and evaluation of interviews 

  • Content workshop to clean up the sitemap and the whole structure

  • Develop information architecture and deduce technical requirements

  • Create wireframes and a design vision

  • Develop the MVP of the new website 

  • Defining use cases and stories for a chatbot experience

  • Creating a chatbot experience

02 Rebranding

A new brand experience

ARCONDIS does not do things by halves – in addition to the web relaunch, the general brand experience was also optimized. And for this, none other than Modulator was broad on board, who was responsible for ARCONDIS' rebranding, brand manual, art direction, motion graphics (as seen here), key visuals and corporate communication. On this new basis, we were able to develop the new user interface of the website and also make the revamped ARCONDIS brand a digital experience.

So with this, we created a new website that was to be as simple as possible and without unnecessary, distracting elements - the stated goal was a design that was not too intrusive but still appealing and exciting. We implemented their moving particle design discreetly in the background and deployed it in the form of a so-called parallax effect as the visitor scrolls through the website.

03 Details

Discreet but sophisticated details

No images at all? Focus on the employees? Absolutely! Modulator's rebranding centred on oversized fonts, particles, appealing colors and a unique visual language. Our task was to present all those features in the right way. We aimed for discrete interactions and hover effects - well-placed and thoughtful details can give a website that certain something that ultimately makes it seem so extraordinary.

04 A digital assistant

Say hello to Archie 👋 – the new Arcondis Chatbot

We decided to go with a "less is more" approach with as little content as possible. We also wanted less catchy but high-quality visual elements to complement the new website.

This is why we created "Archie," a friendly assistant that helps visitors find the correct information or contact person without navigating through the website. What happens when users visit the ARCONDIS? We analyzed and evaluated the most frequent use cases, which led to implementing the aiaibot software - adding a novel way for the user to reach out for information and interact with the website. Or, as our customer called it, "The icing on the cake!".

05 Modules

Exploring visual possibilities with modules

By creating the website with different modules, we leave room for their content managers to be flexible yet consistent. They can then prepare their pages utterly customizable with various components. Still, these features always follow the stored rules in their appearance so that the look and feel of the website remains constant. In contrast, the content in the different modules can be changed at will.

06 An authentic website

A straightforward web design with a logical information architecture leads the users quickly to the main targets: services and job opportunities. No distractions, but a lot of whitespace and catchy titles shall be this website's authentic "design" – why not? A corporate website is not always about being flashy and loud but about being authentic. Nicely and genuine content that follows SEO guidelines and images that don't disguise anything but show the true company spirit and good navigation that guides users intuitively through the content - that's what makes a good website. The impeccable functionality on mobile devices is beyond question and standard.

Have a look at their minimalistic website and say hello to Archie from us!