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Creating a newly online presence

2022 BakerHicks

New website for BakerHicks made by WONDROUS LTD

01 Intro

One Global Platform for BakerHicks

The engineering company, BakerHicks, is undergoing a thrilling period of growth. There are now 14 offices (in D-ACH and UK). The European offices primarily focus on life science and industry, while the other sectors are typically, but not exclusively, based in the UK. In response to the significant upturn in the life sciences sector, it has been decided to merge the two existing corporate websites and, into one global presence. The merging of those two different websites was a consequential conclusion to their extraordinary expansion. As there were already existing websites to fuse, the danger of having a whole clouded website with overlapping content was great. 

02 Challenges

Building a Sustainable Platform

Coinciding content was not the only challenge. The merging of the various websites from the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland into one global platform meant considering the different expectations.

  • Cultural and content differences needed to be considered and prioritization was required: Users from various countries might expect different content when visiting the new global website.

Further, a more dynamic and appealing platform needed to be created that could keep up with the latest news and showcases. This also encloses updating their social media channels.

Another challenge is ensuring a favorable ranking for search engines like Google:

  • Creating a structured hierarchy and supporting BakerHicks with the content management of the corresponding meta-information.

03 Our approach


In order to meet the challenges, we proceeded in the following steps:


  • Understanding the stakeholders and BakerHicks' needs

  • Analyzing and prioritizing business requirements to evaluate a solution approach

  • Scope the implementation


  • Elaboration of the solution concept

  • Planning the scope

  • Creation of design vision of the new global website


  • Co-developing the new global website of BakerHicks along with an agile project approach


  • Continuous client support and success coaching to support the platform's further development

04 Finalisation

A Unique Web Presence

The final result is nothing like the old one: the new website is fresh yet has a contemporary presence. Even though the content of the two previous websites were merged into one, there are no confusing sections or overlapping content. On the contrary, everything can be quickly accessed within their homepage and easily found due to the well-engineered search functions.

Despite the diverse needs of the different countries, the new website allows them to access their search request right through the front page.

05 Motion Studies

Interactive User Experience

Interactive elements such as videos, overlays, and animations accentuate BakerHicks' high-quality offerings. They enable BakerHicks to present their services attractively and engage the user with the impressive content.

Final results of newly created web presence for BakerHicks

06 Final Results

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