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The Future in IT Field Support

2019 PIDAS

01 Intro


With the inception of CORA, a new generation of IT Field Support organizations was born. An intelligent hardware dispensing system that differentiates itself with exceptional quality, innovative design and easy functionality. Waiting for notebooks, desktops and other accessories? Not anymore! CORA makes them available to the user around the clock via badge, PIN or Barcode. Via Wake-On-LAN and connection to your software distribution system (e.g. Microsoft SCCM), CORA can devices update remotely.

02 Partnership

Cross-functional team

The product was co-created with our long-term client PIDAS and numerous innovative partners in engineering, hardware production and logistics. We are proud to have been part of this dream team and to have contributed to this incredible product with our core competencies in the areas of user experience design and software development.

03 User Experience Design

Intuitive Touch Panel

CORA has an integrated touch panel that creates an outstanding user experience. The software platform also provides a lot of design features creating unique and eye-catching brand designs.

04 Swiss Made

Made in Switzerland

CORA is designed and produced in Switzerland. It's made of high-quality materials and has won various internationally recognized design awards.