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New visual identity: Classic never goes out of style

2016 Dufry

01 Intro

New but classic visual identity 

The new identity is based on Swiss typography. This strives for clarity, order and is a universally understandable visual language. Based on this idea, not only the visual appearance was turned upside down, but also the concept for the Dufry group website and integrated annual report were adapted accordingly.

02 Wireframing & Modular Design

Modular design not only provides the necessary flexibility for storytelling in modern websites but also guarantees sustainability in the digital world. This approach requires a flexible process based on sketches, wireframes (low-fidelity) and drafts (high-fidelity) and requires close collaboration between client and service provider.

03 Visual Design

However, even a modular design approach is best complemented with the development of a design vision that allows stakeholders to anticipate the experience to follow.

04 Interaction Design

05 Motion Studies

Interaction and motion design are useful for communicating complex information to customers engagingly and understandably.

06 Various Visual Designs

07 Mobile Designs

...and of course: Never ever forget mobile devices!

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