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Insurance made easy

2021 Branded Experiences and Service Experiences

01 Intro

What if insurance were easy

We have all been there. The love-hate relationship with tools and services in our everyday lives that we depend on but wish would work easier. That was the starting point for our Insurance Experience project.

Based on insurance industry benchmarks, upcoming emerging new platforms and an analysis of recent design trends, we set ourselves the challenge of designing a premium calculator (Prämienrechner) and claims reporting process. Without ifs and buts. Without the constraints of time, budget or technology that usually come with a project. Let’s have a look.

02 Getting started

Getting started

The user-centred approach has become widely accepted in recent years. The question is not whether to proceed user-centred, but how. There are now many processes and proven models for this, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. At WONDROUS, we do not stick rigidly to one model, but combine the various models with their advantages and adapt the methods within the various process steps to the situation and starting point of the project. 
As a basis, we have done quite well with the design thinking process because it roughly outlines the procedure and thus creates a common understanding in the project but still leaves us enough freedom to adapt the methods to the project.

03 User Experience Research

Understanding the user

First, we did a benchmark analysis on the common insurance companies, created our persona and defined the common user journeys for our persona. For the latter two steps, we drew on the experience we had gained from several insurance projects in the past.

An expert review based on common usability heuristics and best practices along the most important user journeys showed us the sticking points and biggest opportunity areas we wanted to focus on in the next step.

04 User Experience Design

Improve the user experience

The results of the user experience research provided the starting point for the next step of ideation. Based on different How Might We questions, three topics emerged that we wanted to work on:

  • Car selection

  • Presentation of the offer

  • Report a claim

In the following Design Studio, we created scribbles for each topic and used these to create the wireframes. This is how tricky issues are solved and ideas are made tangible.

05 Visual Design

Make insurance pop

As we’ve figured, most designs in the field of insurance hold back with crazy colours and special fonts. We wanted to create a design that is fresh, modern but still serious enough for insurance. Playing with gradients gives the design depth, and the fresh green differentiates from other insurance colours. 

06 Motion Design

Movement follows function

When it comes to motion design, it’s all about „movement follows function“. With transitions, we want to guide the user through the process and spotlight what’s important. At the same time, the animations bring the design to life, make the interactions more fun, and support the user in entering data efficiently.