Relaunch Corporate Website

IttenBrechbühl is a leading Swiss architects and general planners company with almost 100 years of tradition and experience.

With the new corporate website, the company represents itself online adequately, improved mobile user experience and enhanced backend usability.

The Project in Numbers

  • 1:1

    Measurability in Google Analytics

  • 5★

    For the Drupal 8 backend

  • 100%

    Responsive design

  • 75%

    New first time visitors

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Brand experience

The first goal of the project was to integrate the new branding into the digital environment. Based on the look & feel of the corporate design, WONDROUS developed the interaction design and the user experience. This assured that a platform had been created that united branding conformity and the requirements of the digital media channels.

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Mobile first design

To increase the usability for mobile visitors, the website was realized with responsive design and mobile first conception. This is specifically shown by the mobile optimized menu. It is fully in line with the smaller screens of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Further, the whole site structure was held as slim as possible while the information architecture reduced contents to the essentials.

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Front- and Backend design

However, there was another important feature request within the project scope: User Experience Design not only for the frontend user but also for the backend user aka content manager.

According to IttenBrechbühl's content managers (who were surveyed), the backend user experience could be improved by the implementation of a frontend editing module, and structured data. The first module helps the content manager to find contents easily and identify changes rapidly. The second module reduces the workload of content management - every content exists only once, no matter how often it occurs on the website - which is important considering the fact that IttenBrechbühl's website is available in 4 languages.

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Drupal CMS

With the focus on a better backend workflow, WONDROUS suggested to implement the open source content management system Drupal 8. At that time, Drupal 8 was still in beta mode. But the system's backend usability, the template engineering and the scalability were already convincing enough. To enhance maintainability and keep further developments lean and efficient we use Acquia, a reliable partner of ours, as a cloud provider.

Are You In?

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