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Build and automate customer experiences with AI

2019 LENA

01 Intro

Say Hi 👋🏻 to LENA

Together with our strategic partner PIDAS we created LENA, a web application framework to delight customers and end users across industries with outstanding digital service experiences based on natural language processing.

02 Ideation

From the first ideas to the UI

If you would like to create a great digital experience you must start with the customer and work towards design and technology. That said – our first step was to visualize our ideas along the customer journey so all parties and stakeholders involved in the project had the same vision of what the application should be managing.

03 Processes and workflows

Workflow design for customer conversations 

A major challenge during the ideation process was the visualization of the customer workflows within the application. Regardless of the complexity, backend users had to be enabled to setup and configure new workflows and custom training sessions in a very intuitive and easy way.

04 Data visualisation

Bringing numbers to life 

The visualization of user data was an important tool in the software. Thanks to this data, it was possible to intuitively analyze users' needs and problems and quickly create new chatbot conversations and training sessions.

05 Conversation

Management of transactional processes

LENA is built to manage complex customer conversations for clients across industries. Therefore, a very powerful conversation builder is required to setup and configure the structure and the triggers of conversations. 

06 Collective cybernetic support

AI and human interactions hand in hand

Direct, fast customer services help to solve customer problems. Therefore, a conversation in LENA can be supported not only by artificial intelligence, but also by human power using live chat tools.

07 Chatbot experiences

LENA makes chatbot experiences easy 

Ultimately, the purpose of LENA is to provide customers with best-in-class chatbot experiences at the touch of a button.

08 Co-branding

One tool, different looks

And LENA is very adaptive and offers many ways to implement custom branded chat experiences.