PIDAS Chat Bot

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service, organisations are able to automate their recurring service processes and users receive a completely new service experience online.

Chat bots are on everyone's lips. But great examples in everyday life are rare. Together with our longtime customer PIDAS we took up the challenge and set ourselves the task to develop the experience of online conversations with artificial intelligence to a new level.

The Project in Numbers

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Hello, I am Cora. How can I help you?

Invented as part of an innovative service product the PIDAS chat bot was built with latest frontend technologies as an open AI platform to create a new custom brand and service experience while interacting with customers.


Personification of a robot

To make sure that a service experience using AI would not feel like talking to a wall, the robot first had to be given a face and a personality. Based on data from market research and own customer surveys the first chat bot CORA was created.


Mobile Design Experience

The mobile user experience had to be developed at the highest level. A clean and fast navigation as well as a perfect layout of the chat history ensures the desired service experience.

Organic Animations

In order to make the service experience more vivid and thrilling, various organic animations of the bot avatar CORA are used during the chat history.


Let's Chat

The chat history design is designed for both open and structured dialogues. And a continuous improvement process in the service organisation ensures a seamless development of the conversational competence of the chat bot.

Are You In?

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