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An appealing web presence for high class business forums

2022 Richmond Event Switzerland

representative website for high class business forums, richmond, WONDROUS LTD

01 Background & Challenge

About Richmond Events

Richmond Events is an international organizer of exclusive business forums and events in the area of IT, Marketing, HR, health care, finance, financial services, and asset management for top management. Founded in the UK in 1990, Richmond Events today additionally operates in Switzerland, Italy and the US. The Swiss branch of Richmond Events organizes high-quality strategic business forums at renowned Swiss venues, providing access to high-level decision-makers in a professional business environment. Richmond Events stand for excellent networking as well as professionalism and efficiency.

As it was important to Richmond Events Switzerland to customize their web presence to the Swiss Market and therefore their key audience, they decided to promote their high-class business forums independently with their own website in the future.

02 Project Vision

Creation of a best-in-class website for Richmond Events Switzerland

Richmond Events does not engage in advertising in any forms. Only the team that contacts delegates, the high-quality brochures that are sent as printed material to delegates, and the website, are key. Therefore, the new website had to keep up with the high-quality materials in order to emphasize the corresponding exclusivity.

With an independent web presence, Richmond Events Switzerland wanted to present both the events and the team in a more modern and professional way and convince potential event visitors of the offer at first glance – and ultimately encourage them to register for a forum. Thus, one of the main goals was to achieve more engagement with the new web presence.

02 Project Vision

Even though they wished to be able to manage their website with their own Content-Management-System (CMS), they still wanted to be visually connected to the global site. Therefore, the Swiss web presence must stand out and represent the attributes they stand for: highly professional, high quality, leading network, elite management, best service, luxury and exclusivity.

03 Approach

Structured process for the new website of Richmond Events Switzerland

Development of the strategy

Good planning is the be-all and end-all of a web project. In order to consider all our client's different needs, a thorough analysis was crucial for the further development of the website. This consists of analyzing the initial situation, system landscape, stakeholders and framework conditions. From there, we could define the objectives, project scope and develop the most important use cases.

Elaboration of the website solution concept

In the second phase – also known as ideation – the elaboration of the solution concept of the new webpage was established, and the first planning of the MVP was done. Thus, defining essential requirements and developing the information architecture, sitemap, and navigation were vital steps that could not be left out. Other components were

  • defining the key requirements

  • developing a design vision

  • creating the implementation plan

03 Approach

Realization of the MVP of the new website

With the previous strategy and ideation phases, a good basis was created to implement the MVP solution concept with an agile project approach. For the CMS, Storyblok was jointly chosen due to its ease of use for content managers, its flexibility and its low maintenance requirements.

04 Final results

State-of-Art User Experience

The new website of Richmond Events provides a best-in-class user experience – efficient, accessible and effortless – while keeping the look and feel elegant and contemporary. It offers users valuable information and provides an overview of Richmond Events’ concepts for attendee and vendor experiences. 

The variety of visual elements (such as videos, pictures, overlays, etc.) highlight the message of Richmond Events’ high-quality offerings and engage the user in their inviting events. Animated scroll effects, icons and hover elements enliven the site and add more excitement while exploring the website. Search and filter functions are well-engineered as they play a crucial role in finding the relevant forums, as they are the heart of the site. Visitors can find them in a number of ways, including classic navigation, search, or various teasers throughout the entire site. Call-to-actions (CTA) encourage users to interact with Richmond Events and get in touch in order to request an invite.

Creating a straightforward user experience facilitates the website’s navigation while also meeting its visitors’ needs. In return, this will position and strengthen Richmond Events’ reputation in the Swiss market for exclusive, innovative business forums – setting themselves apart from their competitors as they offer higher quality, reliability, sustainable networks and contacts.

Check it out and have a glimpse of the new website of Richmond Event Switzerland!