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Drupal 8 CMS

Experience a new way of working with web content.

With Drupal 8 we develop websites, blogs, collaborative community portals und eCommerce solutions.

10 Winning Arguments

  • Swam Intelligence

    Many thousand developers all around the world can’t be wrong. They work countless hours to improve Drupal 8. And many companies do not only use Drupal 8, but eagerly contribute to the core and environment of it in order to create the most transparent and user driven software.

  • A Strong Backbone

    Drupal is a non profit association dedicated to make Drupal 8 the best content management system ever. Therefore the association coordinates the developers' effort by organizing international conferences and user meetups. May the force be with the Drupal community.

  • An Old Soul

    Drupal has already been a key player in the business for 15 years. 5 of those 15 years were spent on building and developing Drupal 8. While Drupal is kind of an old soul, Drupal 8 sets a new course of leveraging technology standards.

  • The Chameleon Effect

    Drupal 8 is highly adaptive and customizable unlike any other content management system. The e-commerce initiative for example has been developing modules for online payment, taxes and financial aspects together with other e-commerce systems builders.

  • Time to Market

    Rapid backend and frontend prototyping enables us to make ideas visible for our clients very fast and allows us our proof-of-concept on a new level. We and our clients can tell if we’re heading in the right direction before any harm has been done.

  • Structured Content

    Increase efficiency - change content once and for all. Drupal 8 makes content management fun again! Thanks to very powerful frontend editing it’s easy. At the same time Drupal 8 is very powerful.

  • Multi Lingualism

    We can make your Drupal 8 project speak every language on this planet (probably even in the universe). The translation module in Drupal 8 is built into the frontend editor which makes it very easy to manage different languages.

  • Clean Templates

    With Twig templates a smooth maintainability is not a problem anymore. Drupal 8 is an efficiency machine since it allows separate style and JS classes and improved template structures (everything is a template). It makes debugging so easy and lean, file naming based on SMACSS and BEM inclusive.

  • Backend Coding

    Based on Symfony 2 components, completely rewritten in OOP and multilingual at the core, Drupal 8 sets a new standard for page building and extensibility. Every content can be accessed via RESTful web service which makes Drupal 8 highly integrative and therefore the best solution for content hubs.

  • <3

    Many clients told us that they’ve always hated working with their website. With Drupal 8 they say it’s easier, it’s interesting and it’s fun. Working with Drupal 8 just kicks ass.