by Selina Eyer Agency

WONDROUS Easter Brunch

Holy Thursday is conventionally the beginning of the Easter week. To celebrate this event 11 people came together to enjoy our WONDROUS Easter Brunch – maybe it should be called a lunch with that theme considering the time of day – in the kitchen. After Rainer’s short speech all of us gathered around the table, hungry and full of expectations.

by Selina Eyer Agency

Easter Brunch Image 1

Every culture maintains its own traditions at the Easter brunch. In Switzerland it begins with the so called «Eiertütschen» (Egg sweeping/hitting):

Two players choose a hard-boiled egg and pick it up. The player who starts hits the opponent’s egg with the top of their own egg trying to break the other egg’s shell. The winner then looks for the next opponent around the table. Rainer won the game; his egg made it through about 5 or 6 rounds. Congrats!

Easter Brunch Image 2

After the game we could finally start eating! There was freshly baked (braided) bread, jam, cheese, cold cuts, stuffed eggs, yogurt, fruits, vegetables and everything you need for a tasty brunch. Of course it was way too much.

Easter Brunch Image 3

What shouldn’t you miss at Easter? To hide some sweets and let everyone go on a hunt for them. After the brunch everyone was looking for their personal Easter bunny in the office. They were hidden everywhere: In the server room, kitchen or even in the container in front of the door. Only Tassilo’s bunny which was hidden in the garden almost didn’t make it; Stephan saved him just in time from melting in the sun. After only a short stay in the fridge the bunny’s ear was back to a solid state and Easter was saved!

The traditional Italian cake «Colomba pasquale» (Easter Dove), was ready for dessert but sadly no one was able to try it anymore. But it very likely will not be around for long...