Anton Staroverov

by Anton Staroverov Development

​Drupal Trends from DrupalCon Vienna 2017

Hello, Drupal Community!

Here we highlight key Drupal technological insights gained during the DrupalCon Vienna 2017.

Anton Staroverov

by Anton Staroverov Development

Richest Core Ever

Drupal Core has never been so rich [not reach] as it will become in 8.5!

First of all, the media library will finally be in core:

With the power of the upcoming layout builder, the Drupal 8.5 release can change the way we use Drupal completely:

Furthermore, we will see workspaces in core:

Curious about Drupal 8.5

Huge, huuuge, huuuuuuge changes in core! So exciting!

Follow our blog for updates -- we will recap what has changed between 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, what will happen in 8.4 and what will be part of 8.5:

Pure Atomic Drupal

The fractal component library can now be used with Twig, enabling the transparent integration with Drupal 8:

It will be possible to use UI Patterns module to expose Fractal-managed components into Drupal:

And use the bricks module for building components together into organism-like structures:

We even did a quick sprint to make sure UI patterns + bricks work well together:

To easily bring all these component-driven features into Drupal we started Atomic -- Drupal distribution baked by Atomic Design [and an initiative with the same name]:


By the way, we kicked-off the Atomic initiative last week:

Drupal as Content Storage

Everybody talks about decoupling, headless CMS and so on. But now we have real community-driven feasibility behind this -- meet Contenta CMS:

Rise of Drupal Europe

Everything is changing, not just Drupal core. The European Drupal community is about to introduce the DrupalCon-sized but not DrupalCon-format event next year:


But wait. The DrupalCon is not just a tech conference -- it’s all about people and friends from all other the world:

Yes, good achievements! But a conference is also a good time to build up the team:

By the way -- we are hiring!


And last but not least, what we learned from DrupalCon -- beware of the Druplicon falling from the sky: