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Committed to a more sustainable future!

We all know the consequences of consumerism and how our living affects nature: Pictures of wildfires, contaminated beaches, and waste piled up to mountains pop up in our heads. Much media coverage and awareness of such events are raised, but not enough has been done to prevent more damage. We need to act now!

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by  Lisa Tang

That’s #tide! 

That is where our most recent partner joins the discussion: #tide ocean SA. This Swiss company, based in Basel, has made it its mission to change the way we see waste, especially plastic waste. They dedicated themselves to cleaning up Southeast Asia's beaches from plastic to recycling and producing other materials from it. Together with the Swiss University of Applied Sciences IWK, they found an award-winning way of processing the collected plastics into granulates, yarn and filament with 79% less greenhouse emission compared to producing virgin plastic – impressive! In the last step, the materials are further processed into various products you might already wear or use! This whole procedure ensures that the circle of plastic production is closed. Therefore, they can guarantee a circular economy and a reduction in the usage of non-renewable fossil resources.  

While cleaning the beaches and making its end product available for other companies, #tide is also committed to providing a better living situation for locals. Paying fair wages and allowing them to make a living while preserving the environment speaks for itself – we are here for it.

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For a better and cleaner tomorrow

Getting the chance to support a company with such an incredible mission was a very inspiring experience for us, too. Along the way, we learned more about their philosophy, daily business, and what makes #tide ocean material so unique. When we got the inquiry, our company was hooked on supporting an enterprise with such incredible products and principles. We put our joint effort into the pitch and our hard work paid off: We got to contract with #tide – yes! 🤙 Our whole company was thrilled when we heard we got the deal! With our expertise and years-long experience in creating best-in-class user experiences, WONDROUS created a freshly new web presence for them. 

The website has new features such as subpages, a news section with a convenient filter function, and a sales inquiry form, which will help them process every request more efficiently. It is also an excellent tool for potential customers to contact #tide. We embedded versatile design components that are straightforward to use but provide multiple combinations for their website structure. This allows #tide to playfully display its products while customizing every page to its liking. 

As a digital agency, we try to keep our carbon footprint small by using local suppliers and maintaining our services as sustainable as possible. Working with #tide has shown us that there is always room for improvement, and we are more than willing to learn and do better. Although we do not have such a direct impact on the environment as #tide does, we are very committed to building a more promising future for our next generation. 

Thank you, #tide, for your trust and for building a better tomorrow for us all! We are grateful to have learned so much along the way and are proud of how far you have come! 

Now, do yourself a favor and check out #tide’s fresh website 🏄

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