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My first year as an IMD apprentice

August 2016, I started the apprenticeship. Now I nearly finished my first year.

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First I present you shortly what I do.

IMD means Interactive Media Designer. Since 2014 you can learn in Switzerland for 4 years the skills of an IMD. I learnt and will learn different tools, Typography, Interactive Design, Web Design, Photography, Animation, Coding (HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript), Semiotics and more. It's like the apprentice Graphic Designer just only digital based on interaction. I work half part in a company and go half part to school.

This year I first learnt at school the basics of Design, like the study of colours, drawing and the history of design. At work, I made little intern projects like business-cards and posters. I didn't only work on digital product. Actually, I don't like work with print stuff, but it was a good variety. After this project I started working at customer projects.

My experience and awareness

I am surprised form myself, that I didn't very noticed the big difference from 13 weeks vacation to 5 weeks vacation. By the change of school and work, the weeks were varied and fast moving. Sometimes I only recognize what I learned, when I speak with people which aren't from this business. For me some words are just clear and normal, which are for them like "what is this? Can you explain me that?". I don't really recognize what I learnd in this year. You hear for example a word at a point in time for the first time, and the second time it's just normal and it's naturally to use that. For me it was a big jump between everyday school and work in an office with just older grown-up people. A completly other environment. But I totally like working in the office more than sitting silence in school. You've got more liberty and you're a full part of a group and not just a little stupid student. This apply to the regular school not to the vocational school. The vocational school, which I attend know is different. We are just a small class with 4 people. It's not like the normal student teacher relationship. It's more a working together on a project than just listening to the teachers telling.

The school

The school is based on projects and a small part theory. It's learning while doing. the most subjects takes a half-day. That's perfect you have enough time to look into a subject. For me the school could invest more time in theory. The project takes to much part of the education. Altough theory is very dry and sometimes boring, I could learn much more in detail. I like the information exchange with the other students from other companies.

All in all

Now at this point I made my first year. I learned much last year and had a great time. I'm looking forward to the next year. I'm sure it will be a great time!