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Our COVID-19 response

It is our responsibility to keep each other as well as our organisation as healthy as possible. Therefore, please find below a set of rules and measurements, designed to keep us all safe and make sure that our operations keep on working.

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Portrait of Michael Beglinger
by  Michael Beglinger

Given the circumstances regarding the Corona Virus in Switzerland, in Europe and across the globe, we saw ourselves forced to take action in order to contribute to our personal health and that of our society. WONDROUS is currently working from home and has introduced a couple of related rules that may also affect you as a client, partner or friend.

We stand at your disposal

We are very fortunate that we’ve been practicing this scenario since our inception - this means that despite the fact that we’ve had to introduce some new rules, we are open for business as usual.

Adapted working hours

Availability of your contact person at WONDROUS may change due to adapted working hours as we advised all employees to work from their home office whenever possible. You will be contacted and informed by your contact person directly.  

No physical meetings

For an undefined period of time WONDROUS employees are prohibited to participate in any physical meetings. Meetings can take place but we will join remotely (via Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom or via whatever technology is most convenient for you). Should you not be experienced in remote meetings and should you have doubts about its efficiency we are happy to guide you through.


Our team is happy to answer your questions and offer you guidance. 👉🏻Please get in touch writing us an email to Thank you very much for your cooperation and stay healthy.

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Portrait of Michael Beglinger