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The WONDROUS way of hiring

A community is the sum of its parts and lives through the personalities it is comprised of. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the vision, to contribute their talents and shape what everyone achieves together. We search for those who are able to identify with our culture, develop their fullest potential and delight our clients.

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Portrait of Lydia Kuner
by  Lydia Kuner

I can still vividly remember my time as a student living in a flatshare. Especially the exhausting phases that followed when we were forced to find a new flatmate once a room was vacated. It had to be at least one interview, then an invitation to dinner with good friends who were supposed to give feedback afterwards and so on. Ultimately, it was essential to find the right person. So what didn’t my roommate and I do to find the perfect fit? We were looking for a vegetarian, a tidy coffee lover who could clean, paint the walls AND fix the toaster. We spared no effort to find our dream candidate - because our quality of life within our community depended on making the right choice.

Of course, WONDROUS is not a shared apartment. We, too, want to find individuals who fit well into the team, share our culture, and bring talents that add value to our clients and enrich us. So the direct comparison doesn’t fit one hundred percent, but there are parallels. I would like to explain below briefly what we look out for in our hiring process. 

Our hiring process

1. submission of the application

The submitted curriculum vitae (CV) shows us what education and experience a candidate brings to the advertised position. But even more essential for us is the motivation why they want to become part of WONDROUS. If you prefer to talk about this rather than write, please let us know, and we will arrange a phone call to discuss this topic.

2. getting to know each other

Nice to meet you - preferably in our beautiful office in Basel right next to the central train station. We - that means the involved team leader and me - want to know what makes the candidate tick, what values they represent and what inspires them. We will do the same and answer all questions about the company and the advertised position.

3. examination of professional skills

What are the candidate's professional strengths? What skills do they bring with him/them? Depending on the position, we might ask for a work sample, a short presentation of a project that was brought to fruition out or a deep technical discussion with the hiring team lead.

4. team over ego

After the technical discussion, a casual round with the future team would follow. Again, getting to know each other is on the agenda, and questions from both sides. With WONDROUS, it's the people, the team - not the ego - that counts.

5. Negotiations

We have decided and made an offer to the candidate and guided them through the contract proposal, our conditions and principles. Then, after that, it's up to the candidate.

6. Onboarding

We stay in contact until the first day of work. Be it for administrative needs, assistance with moving, finding childcare, or an invitation to one of our events. 

Why do we do it this way?

Quite simply, we like to take our time in the beginning, absorbing different facets and getting to know a candidate from different angles. This way, we find personalities, not just roles, who are enthusiastic about our vision, committed to our mission, share our values, and are willing to give their best with their professional expertise and their heart for our clients.

My roommate and I were very successful at that time. We only had to try our procedure once - it had worked so well the first time that the flat-sharing period ended before anyone new had to be found. That's not how things will turn out at WONDROUS - we'll always be on the lookout for new talent. We will also keep reviewing, adapting and developing this process - so that we will continue to find the most suitable candidates in the future.

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Portrait of Lydia Kuner