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We at WONDROUS firmly believe in the equal treatment of all genders – no matter their age or ethnicity.

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by  Lisa Tang

We are convinced that talent, passion, and skills are not bound to gender – in fact, it has been shown that a wide diversity of opinions, thoughts and backgrounds helps society as a whole to find better solutions. Fortunately, we have a balanced number of both sexes and are proud that half of our management team are women. Various studies on leadership skills conducted by McKinsey and NASA have shown that women are particularly good at clearly defining responsibilities and being strong in mentoring and coaching employees. We need more exposure and representation in that area to make it more attractive and accessible for potential (female) workers.

As a company that offers digital services and solutions, we believe that modern (tech-related) challenges cannot be solved without a diversified team. Research has shown that decisions made and executed by a diverse team delivered 60% better results and may enhance the understanding of customers’ preferences. Thus, all genders and ethnicities of all age groups need to be part of creating and inventing solutions. Only so can we ensure that many more perspectives are incorporated and a broad spectrum of opinions and ideas are involved in developing great products for our clients and their various users. In short, a diverse team can create diverse and inclusive products. 

Ideas fuel innovation – a key component to tackling future problems with new and custom approaches. And everyone has it – they just need to be in the right environment to let it flourish, which is precisely what we try to live up to. We seek to create comprehensive products and a working environment /atmosphere that facilitates solution-focused processes and promotes information sharing within our team. In our cross-functional and diverse teams, we guarantee our clients the best possible results: Our digital services – including consulting, UX research, design sprints, and front- and back-end development – reflect our values and application-driven approaches, which would never have the same quality without diversity. 

Exposure and representation are one of the main reasons specific industries appeal more or less attractive and we want to address this by portraying our company’s core – our WONDROUS Peeps. Each week we will introduce a new team member with some background information on their position at WONDROUS and career path. And as the saying goes, “ladies first”, we will start this series with our female colleagues. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And this is precisely why we want to take one step further in this direction and inspire all genders, all ethnicities and age groups to work in the tech industry. We determine the path of (technological) advances we want to see in the future. New challenges and needs will emerge which cannot be solved solely by one-half of the population. We are in this together, so we should work together to build a more inclusive future. 

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