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Upside down

That was 2020 👋

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Portrait of Peter Whinyates
by  Peter Whinyates

Dear clients, partners, families and friends – 

Earlier this year we coined the phrase “business as unusual”. Of course, it had a lot to do with the fact that we were trying to convey calm in these unprecedented times. A notion that, yes we will carry on – despite everything that was put in everyone’s path. Somewhat astonishingly – we stand here ten months later and it seems we’ve escaped with just a black eye.

For now and forever onwards, our enduring praise and everlasting thankfulness goes out to our truly incredible WONDROUS team: Bastian, David, Estelle, Esther, Fadri, Frederik, Georg, Jan, Jarina, Laura D, Laura G, Lena, Lydia, Manuel, Mario, Michael, Mirko K, Mirko P, Miša, Noe, Peter P, Peter W, Rainer, Simon, Sonja and Tassilo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏 

It’s trying times like these when we not only learn most about ourselves but also about each other. Redefining what you thought was once your reality is a truly massive undertaking for anyone. Truth be told: Not one stone has been left unturned during the last ten months and we have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve been talking more and more about the future of work. Quantifying what work actually means and talking about the future of work is an interesting albeit exhausting subject. We have decided to create our own version of it and we are seriously looking forward to hanging out in person once again. 

As much as we can thank our lucky stars, countless people have been affected in ways that altered their lives radically – not just temporarily, but permanently. For this reason, this year – a year unlike any other in recent history – we have decided to send neither cards nor gifts – this year we will be donating to an incredibly great non-profit here in our hometown, Basel. 

Now, please excuse us – we have a lot to do. No-one knows what the future has in store – there are activities that need to be planned and meetups to be organised (also physical ones for when the time is right). And of course, projects that need to be rocked. We thank you all for partaking in this WONDROUS journey with us. Without you all, we would be nothing at all. 

Best wishes,

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Portrait of Peter Whinyates