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Relaunch Corporate Website

With its community area, the Kantonsspital Baden (KSB) is in direct competition with the Kantonsspital Aarau and the hospitals and clinics around Zurich. With a sustainable digital strategy the KSB prepares for the new requirements in the market. As a first step they planned to completely renew their corporate website.

First, the old Content Management System (CMS) had to be replaced since it was no longer compatible with the requirements of marketing, IT and management. The new technology should be sustainable and secure. Further, a redesign was inevitable. Last, the whole content had to be migrated and carefully restructured and adapted for the new design.



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The Numbers Of Success

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • 715 Manually migrated content pages
  • +15% Smartphone and tablet users
  • +30% More Online Visibility

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Digitalization of the Healthcare Market

The healthcare market is changing. Subjects like digitalization of processes and digital healthcare, patient- and doctor-marketing, personalized healthcare and digital employer branding change the requirements of the online-presence of hospitals.

Digital Strategy

With this in mind, WONDROUS developed a digital strategy based on release thinking, which means dividing a large project into manageable work packages that augment each other. The focus therefore was on the relaunch project that should be realized with an agile workflow. The business specs were a new CMS, digital branding, redesign and harmonization of contents and information architecture. Digitally transformed processes or marketing automatization, that could transform KSB's website into a portal for patients, visitors and medical professionals, were already taken into account for later realization.

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Digital Branding

While the brand «KSB» had continually developed over the years, the digital branding stood still. The redesign of the website should change that and force the assimilation of digital branding and the corporate identity. New brand elements like colors, pictograms and symbols were integrated to enhance the whole brand experience.

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Responsive Design

Along with the change in technology and the redesign, the website was also enhanced regarding mobile accessibility. The website was designed 100% responsive and singular patterns were optimized for mobile user's needs. The usability of KSB's website is now optimized for mobile users, who make up 46% of online visitors.

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