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Relaunch Intranet

Pax is an insurance company from Basel that sells insurances for private persons and companies. WONDROUS has partnered with Pax for 3 years now and created several digital platforms, from the corporate website, various microsites, a new E-Mail marketing solution to the launch of an innovative new Intranet solution.

The relaunch of the company's intranet targeted the implementation of the rebranding on the employee's central platform so that brand awareness could be enhanced for them.

But the visionary goals of the new intranet go much further. Pax wants to change and enhance the culture of work through digitalization. On a practical level this vision can be brought down to three core features. First: A central platform guarantees unrestrained access to information for everyone. Second: The digitalization of certain processes enhances the productivity of the company as a whole. Third: Digital workspaces emancipate work from time and place.

We saw the chance to create a new brand experience through the design of an application and also to change the current work culture for good.

The Numbers Of Success

  • 3 Mio. Indexed Documents
  • 5★ for excellent User Experience
  • 3028 Searches A Week (average)
  • 6 Mt. months from the original idea to the first release

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The Vision Of A Virtual Workspace

Pax and WONDROUS developed a vision: In the future, digital workspaces would simplify collaborational work, enhance the productivity and emancipate the user from place and time. The potential that lies within the digitalization of processes and services is enhanced efficiency regarding workflows and collaborations. This leads to simplification, that will also increase the satisfaction of the employees.

Vision Digital Workspace


Digital Branding

With the relaunch of the intranet, the branding introduced in 2014 should become more perceptible on internal platforms and applications. To bring the external brand experience into the intranet, the corporate website's design was translated and modularly developed further into the application design.

Digital Branding


Extension Of Touchpoints And Content Production

To assure the accessibility of 3 million documents for different types of users, the information architecture required further touchpoints. Therefore, specific FAQ-content was created to guide the user.