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Multichannel Marketing

PIDAS is an international company, specialized in design, implementation and operations of service organizations.

Digital rebranding, relaunch corporate website, different product websites, content marketing blog and online marketing activities: As a creative agency and full service provider we created a new kind of digital brand experience and several innovative web solutions for our client PIDAS.

The Numbers of Success

  • 5★ Digital Brand Awareness
  • +80% Traffic after the relaunch
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • 8.x Drupal CMS


Brand Communications & Marketing Digital First

PIDAS wanted to enhance their brand experience and therefore decided to enforce a soft rebranding and a relaunch of their corporate website. Based on the rebranding working «digital first» a brand communication strategy and an action plan for the online and offline marketing was developed together with the client.

PIDAS the customer care company

Digital First Branding


Storytelling Corporate Website

An essential goal of the website relaunch was to provide an emotional and vibrant company story and to reduce complexity of the company's offering. Wherever the user enters the website, he should understand who PIDAS is and what services the company offers.


Brand & User Experience Design

The digital first branding had one big advantage: The user experience design of the website and the branding literally merged. This had the positive effect that the user can enter PIDAS' brand world through every touchpoint and feel right at home intuitively thanks to the responsive design and the clarity of the user interaction design. This experience is also coherent on every device he's using.