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Relaunch Corporate Website

SACAC is a well-known company in the construction business, producing concrete staves. As an innovative company, SACAC wanted to reposition and develop a digital strategy and therefore rebranded the company in 2015.

With the relaunch of the website, the rebranding should get visibility online. However, the old website used obsolete technology and had to be renewed with a modern, sustainable solution. Further requirements were that the new website had to be multilingual and that two web applications needed be approachable through the new platform. Since these applications wouldn't be integrated within the first release, it was important, that they wouldn't disturb the coherent user experience.

The Numbers Of Success

  • 100% Responsive Design
  • 12 Weeks till launch
  • 25% More Online Visibility
  • 10% Longer visits compared to the standard

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Development Of A Digital Strategy

Through innovative products and services, SACAC wants to assert themselves in the competitive marketplace. To increase efficiency, the company searched for possibilities to digitalize processes and therefore to develop a long-term digitalization strategy. Within the relaunch project, the redesign and solid technology were given priority, although efforts were made to set the stage for additional future development.

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Digital Branding

WONDROUS had the job to digitalize SACAC's newly created brand world. The style elements of the visualized brand architecture were translated into a functional interactive design in order to maintain a high usability. Further, the image world was newly defined for the digital environment so that a cross medial brand experience could be created.


Responsive Design

Along the digital strategy, the website was designed fully responsive to accomodate the growing number of mobile users on the corporate website. The design process therefore had to be modular. Following this procedure, the designers focuse on different stages of individual elements. These were patterned along the branding guidelines and optimized for different devices. At a later stage, the single elements were combined to create a coherent picture as a whole for an effective brand experience.

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