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Content Marketing Blog Zoon

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions is an independent company within the Swisscom Group that provides various services for the events industry.

With the launch of the independent topical blog «Zoon» the basis for enhanced content marketing was created.

The Numbers Of Success

  • 100% Mobile First
  • 45% mobile utilization

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Market research has shown that the opening of the event business blog had lots of potential and maybe would become the digital meeting-point for the event industry in Switzerland.

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Digital Branding

The blog got the name zoon and of course also needed an autonomous and distinctive look, since it wasn't intended to be a corporate website nor a sales channel. At the same time, user experience design guidelines tell us, that less is more when it comes to designing a blog.

The branding WONDROUS developed therefore is willfully reduced. The simple logo is completed with a meaningful by-line. The chosen combination of typography stands for exceptional readability on screen and represents the technical company behind the blog very well. The colors embrace each other through the clear interaction design.

To make the user and content reader dive into zoon's world, the blog works with great full-width images on the homepage as well as the detail pages.

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