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Redesign User Interface & Product Microsite

trueAct is a modern multi-channel ticketing system for better customer and Customer Care Management.

Regarding User Experience the innovative software no longer met the high demands of the market. In a first step, we therefore developed a new, digitally driven brand concept. Based on that, we then created a new GUI design for the new software release 8. For the online communication part of the product launch we developed a product microsite with explainer video and various online marketing touch points.

The Numbers Of Success

  • > 80 designed Icons
  • 8 Weeks project development
  • 5★ for UX Design
  • +15% Online Visibility

trueAct Product Microsite


Digital Branding

In a first step, we had to develop an own brand for the software trueAct under the umbrella brand of the company PIDAS. The focus was on the functional synergy between the user experience within the software, the product brand and the company branding.

trueAct - Video Intro Graphic

trueAct - Digital Branding

Product Microsite

The microsite for the new release of trueAct with two languages and an explainer video was developed in just 6 weeks from the first idea to the final product. The visual concept was created with a storytelling approach and one page layout. Responsive Design was also defined within the project scope.

trueAct - Product Microsite