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01 Intro

Change the game

Our world is changing rapidly: What is considered innovative and progressive today may be outdated tomorrow. In order to actively shape this change and be able to react even more flexibly to the new circumstances, a cultural shift is needed. The group-wide Leadership2020 initiative "Change the Game" is intended to support this at Daimler and to make the company fit for tomorrow.


02 Cross-functional collaboration

Co-creation as an operating model

Together with strategic and complementary partners one of our teams was jointly mandated to create the global internal communication platform for the initiative.

Picture: Joint forces – the WONDROUS team together with the guys from VONHELDENUNDGESTALTEN and members of the Daimler initiative team. 


03 Internal communications

If you want change, deliver change!

To align the cooperation along the changing work culture and keep everybody up to date we had to change the way Daimler communicated internally.


04 Gobal community

Share and connect

We needed a central communications and community platform that connects people across the globe and spreads the knowledge of thousands of employees in a direct and easy way.


05 Excitement and engagement

Best-in-class digital experience

The user experience of the platform had to meet the highest benchmarks: Personalized content, perfect design experience and engaging features.


06 Living design system

Living Style Guide and all that Jazz

The frontend code was provided with a Living Style Guide because the platform was not a static project and therefore needed good guidelines that were always up to date and digitally accessible to all parties involved in the process.


07 Rapide prototyping

Build, test, learn and grow

In order to shape the new experience as quickly as possible and to validate the different expectations of the first solution designs, interactive prototypes with real code were developed early during the realization process to gain feedback for further improvements.

08 Motion studies

Bringing design to life

Micro-interactions and little animations have one purpose which is to delight the user. It's all about creating a moment that is engaging, welcoming and, dare we say it — human. During our design and realization processes we therefore created a lot of motion studies to envision the final user experience of the Leadership2020 platform.

09 Thank you

Changed the game

Hell yeah – we changed the way Daimler communicates internally. The platform was created three years ago, has been maintained ever since and is still going strong. We are grateful and humble to be a part of this great initiative and look forward to future milestones on the path of digitization and transformation at Daimler. 



Bringing a new visual identity to life