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01 Intro

Empowered patients are redefining healthcare

Throughout history, healthcare providers and especially the pharmaceuticals industry made the decisions for patients. In today's world this is no longer the case – go and ask a patient. 


02 Purpose

All about clinical trials 

That's why the ForPatients platform was built. It helps patients quickly find information on Roche-sponsored clinical trials – easy accessible and great fun to use.

02 Ideation

User centric design process

Already in an early stage of the design process patients were interviewed and asked for feedback on tonality and design style. This approach was very helpful in developing the platform in the right direction from day one on.


03 Rapid prototyping

Build, test, learn and grow

In order to shape the new experience as quickly as possible and to validate the different expectations of the first solution designs, interactive prototypes with real code were developed early during the realization process to gain feedback for further improvements. 

04 Motion studies

Bringing design to life

Micro-interactions and little animations have one purpose which is to delight the user. It's all about creating a moment that is engaging, welcoming and, dare we say it — human. During our design process we therefore created a lot of motion studies to envision the final user experience.


05 Accessibility

Search and browse

In the centre of the platform is a powerful search that allows patients easy access to thousands of Roche-sponsored clinical trials and disease information pages. 

06 Mobile UX

Mobile layouts at the highest level

The mobile user experience was driven to the top. A clean and fast navigation and perfect mobile layouts for all kinds of contents ensured the desired patient experience across all targeted devices.


07 Ongoing support

The future is bright

The platform is still very young and we look forward to many future milestones on the path of transformation at Roche building credible and long-term patient relationships.



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