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Digital shopping experience design

Tally Weijl Branded Experiences and eCommerce Experiences


01 Intro

Best-in-class eCommerce experience

Within the framework of a discovery project WONDROUS was mandated to explore what an app driven shopping experience could look like. Our vision was to make a lasting change to the digital shopping experience at Tally Weijl. An interdisciplinary team of strategists, designers and front-end developers was therefore locked in to create a best-in-class user experience that drives business.


02 Research and benchmarking

Analyze and benchmark

In a first step we analyzed what users expect from Tally Weijl regarding a digital shopping experience. In a further step, a competitive benchmark analysis was carried out to show what competitors in the fashion industry had already implemented.


03 Concept

Browsing and search at its best

Through wireframe concepts first ideas were put on paper and tested internally. The goal was to create a perfect user experience and therefore the main focus was on browsing and search.

04 Rapid prototyping

Build, test, learn and grow

In order to make the new experience come alive on mobile devices as quickly as possible and to validate the different expectations of the first solution designs, interactive prototypes with real code were developed early during the project to gain feedback to further improve the solution. This was repeated over and over again until everybody in the project was happy with the result.


05 Mobile UX

Mobile layouts at the highest level

The mobile user experience was driven to the top. A clean and fast navigation and a perfect mobile layout ensured the desired shopping experience across all targeted devices.



Bringing a new visual identity to life