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Zentrum Bildung Branded Experiences and Service Experiences


01 Intro

New information hub for the educational sector

Comprehensive revision of the corporate website for the Center for Education: Moving away from a pure information and documentation platform to a strategic and functional sales tool! From a media design perspective, structure, content, design and UX were at the center of the relaunch. 


02 Structured Process

User-centered approach

The revision of the new website was carried out in three successive phases: (1) Creating a user-friendly concept with a new information architecture and new sitemap. (2) Develop a user-centered and lead-oriented design. (3) Implement new features such as online chat.

WONDROUS developed the following foundation:

  • Understand the users and their needs / pain points

  • Develop personas and user journeys

  • Create a shared vision for the MVP

  • Develop visual mockups and design vision

  • Develop MVP using design and development sprint methodologies

03 Mobile Designs