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This Year, Santa Had a Wish for Us

Among several successful project launches in 2017, this year was made special by our secret collaboration with the elves to make Santa's wish come true.

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What does December in a digital agency look like?

It is the month when emotions run highest. From one perspective, it is the happiest month of all. From another, it's the most stressful one. December is the month in which we close a successful year leaving good projects to speak for themselves. We turn our heads back to the past (as we are finally allowed to) and we see all dots eventually connecting. Happiness on the side – here comes the stress. As my friend would say: "This month is unbelievable, like there is no life after Christmas". We agree with her, but prefer to call it positive stress.

Among several successful project launches in 2017, this year was made special by our Christmas campaign. As children we were told a story about a wish list that we could deliver to Santa if we'd been good during the year. So, this year Rudolph called and said: "This year, Santa has a wish. He wishes for all of us to remember the grace and happiness that lies within a pure, non-materialistic wish". To be honest, after all the wishes that he had made come true, we feel Santa totally has the right to WISH for something WONDROUS for himself.

The Idea Behind

To make sure that Santa's wish comes true, we created a digital platform that allows you to share your WONDROUS WISHES with anyone in the world and spread the joy that lies within a pure wish. And together we can make this Christmas special for everyone! 

As we want to make this Christmas special for everyone, your wish relates to our donation. We decided to financially support and donate to Waisenhaus Basel

Share Wishes and Win a Wish in a Bottle

The whole WONDROUS team is extremely grateful for making Santa happy this year. On the way of making this project work he found out about our secret plan (apparently we were so loud and enthusiastic about it) and he hijacked our Instagram profile deciding to give away 10 of our fancy WONDROUS bottles. So now you can wish for something wonderful this year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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